sundays at rancho murrieta



10am Service

This service is just over an hour and has upbeat music and a Bible-based message. Nursery, Rancho Kids for K-5th Grade and Middle School Group are all available during this time.

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Family Info


We check each child in using our check-in centers so that each child is accounted for and only allowed to leave with their parent or guardian. If it’s your first time, we’ll get some basic information from you so each week we will already have you in our system. That way, check-in can be done quickly, so you can get into the church service.


When you check your child in we will record your mobile number and alert you if your child needs you during the service.

Please supply your child with whatever he or she may need to be comfortable, and please label everything. We provide snacks for your children and discourage any outside food. Parents may leave a non-leaking sippy cup or bottle, but please no red liquids.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies, so we can enter that information into our computer system. We have a very strict policy on sick children: if your child has any discolored mucus, is coughing or showing any signs of sickness, we will not allow them to be left in the nursery.


Kyle Preston

First Time


Thanks for visiting us online! If you're considering a visit to our church here are a few helpful pointers:

We meet at Murrieta Mesa High School. The service is in their Auditorium.

We have a very casual environment so wear what's comfortable.

Nursery, Kids & Youth Groups are all led by Live-Scanned staff and volunteers.

Refreshments are available after services.

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After you've visited, we invite you to connect and build lifelong relationships at Rancho. It is when you commit to a community that you really begin to sense a place of belonging.

Here are a few ways to connect:

Stay after service, grab a refreshment and make a new friend. We know it sounds simple, but this is a great way to begin to connect.

Come to one of our annual events. Whether it's a picnic, chili cook-off or holiday event, we love getting together.


We believe that you have a purpose in this life--to enjoy God, build His church and serve those around us. We always want to be growing in these areas. Here are some ways to grow at Rancho: 

Join a small group. We have groups throughout the valley that meet to connect and talk about life and the Bible. This is a big but rewarding step.

Join a volunteer team. Another great rewarding way to connect and grow. We have all kinds of areas where you can serve.