We understand that new parents, or any parents really, want to know exactly what to expect when taking their child to a nursery. Here’s some FAQ’s that should answer most of your questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to use the form below to contact us.

Do you use a check-in system?

Yes! We check each child in using our check-in centers so that each child is accounted for and only allowed to leave with their parent or guardian. If it’s your first time – we’ll just get some basic information from you and then each week we will already have you in our system so check in can be done quickly, so you can get into the church services.

How will i know if my child needs me?

You are provided with a pager which will go off if your child needs you in any way. We also have a tracking number on your child’s name tag that will flash on the screens if you do not answer your page.

What should I bring for my child?

Please supply your child with whatever she may need to be comfortable – please label everything. Parents may leave a non-leaking sippy cup or bottle. Water is only allowed in non leaking cups.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies, we will then permanently enter that information into our computer system. We have a very strict policy on sick children; if your child has any discolored mucus, is coughing or showing any signs of sickness, we will not allow them to be left in the nursery.

what about allergies & sickness?